This is a request from Giselaila,If u wanna know the guys, well just watch the video!

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  1. please, how do billy idol and axl rose beat jon bon jovi? tbh i don’t even think billy idol is attractive at all.. sebastian bach, richie sambora, and paul stanley shoulda been here

  2. Billy Idol, agreed #fuck'n 1 in the 80's man for sexiness, and he has music that doesn't fit really in any genre, he's created his own genre, I do wish he was same age, I'm a punk rocker, and nobody likes the same stuff I do, from what I can tell from billy, dammit he'd b like the perfect guy, excluding the overuse of drugs and stuff like that

  3. Oh,thnx, It's called So Happy Together by Simple Plan. The original one is like a slower version, by the Turtles I think.
    1ce again,thnx! U're even more AWESOME!!!

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