Up until the mid-90s if you were openly gay in Albania, you would be sent to prison. Many homosexuals stil face bigotry and violence, even in their own homes.

In the last five years, Albania has seen a dynamic LGBTQ movement. Gay activist have created secret guest houses in Tirana that offer shelter to young homosexuals who have been brutally abused.

VICE Greece traveled to Albania and recorded rare glimpses into the lives of people who have been victimized and neglected because of their sexual orientation in one of Europe’s most homophobic countries.

WATCH NEXT – Living Through Gay Conversion Therapy:

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  1. All homophob countries suck D though. Economy sucks, development sucks, employment sucks, education sucks… Doesn't that prove something? They should really start worrying about other things rather than homosexuals. Idiot countries, are what they are.

  2. I swear if I find this place in Tirana I will go there with a AK-47 I am not afraid of prison, I will be a hero after.


  4. There are no anti-gay laws in Albania, gay people are also allowed to serve in the military.
    But we can't simply expect the people to instantly accept homosexuals, it will obviously take time.

    Recently In Kosovo there was a gay parade and the president of Kosovo went out to support the parade.

    Now gay people don't help themselves when they act hypersexual publicly in the street of gay parade events.

    This video should obviously be taken down. There are plenty of counties that are far more homophobic, in Russia Egypt Saudi Iran etc is where the attention should be

  5. I hope the Albanian people cut all these faggots heads off. They are rotten apples that need to be removed. Death to all who support them.

  6. Very interesting video. My partner was Albanian American .. to me one of the finest human beings that ever walked this Earth.
    I hope that the average person in Albania will grow and learn to accept that people are born gay, and should be treated with acceptance and respect. We are all God's children ..
    Our Muslim friends need to be reminded that we are not living in the Middle Ages …

  7. homophobia in Albania
    "Omgg it's such a backwards and fucked up Islamic country, SEND IT BACK TO THE MIDDLE EAST!!!"

    homophobia in Serbia
    "God bless Serbia for fighting the left Marxism!"
    "Serbia is not weak like the left!"

    Hmm, it's almost as if there's an agenda lukring about….

  8. If you Christian being gay is wrong Leviticus 18 and if Muslim be gay Is wrong the reason for this is because god made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve like 99% of Albania is against gays so isn’t that democracy? If it’s what the people want then it’s what the people want, that’s how democracy works

  9. Watch Bill Donahue "God, gays and the bible". The evil Catholic church have caused all this hate. Jesus said you are gay from the WOMB!

  10. I don't understand why a fractional minority group feels justified in parading around values that are vehemently against the rest of the population while gaining a false sense of moral superiority.

    You've been allowed to do what you wish behind closed doors, the public obviously disagrees but tolerates their actions as long as they're kept discreet. Where is the moral justification for demanding that a majority of people have to outwardly adjust their opinions of the lifestyles and beliefs of people they don't want in their society because your feeling are hurt?

  11. gay of albania can go to grecee or serbia maybe they ate free to fuck eachother gays are not allowed in albania

  12. Analbanians just love to suck dick and eat flakes of shit out of men’s asses. Degenerates, you say? I say they are freedom fighters, and love warriors…..who simply like to get fucked in the ass like a bitch and molest children.

  13. Just because I'm a gay man, why does that mean I'm automatically supposed to be so accepting of male drag queens?. I find it offensive and gross. If I wanted to look at drag queens or have sex with one, I'd go get the real thing (a female)

  14. god warned against being gay and all this in bible not cuz of being mean or restrictive just bcuz he didn't want people to get harmed by evil spirits who wanted a hard life for them..because they are jealous they fell away into satans lies and so want others to too so to hurt god for some strange reason..just how it is ..and so why do we fall for it i don't know but so sad a fruitless not as good life when we do

  15. if it is such a struggle, wouldn't it be better to not have this lifestyle..why not do whats best for self, is that so wrong..have caring for yourself why not be selfish in this good way..i think being selfish is only bad if not also caring for others too..but caring for self..this is not really bad!

  16. No one should be killed, no one should be thrown in prison, no one should be abused… But it should be a struggle to gay in any and all countries. Why? Because absolute grotesque and unnatural.

  17. With a name like Albania which sound like Analbania ..u would think this place is heaven for gays

  18. You know you're in trouble when someone is taking Sigmund Freud seriously. Fuck another consenting man of your age? It's a disease. Fuck your own mother? That's perfectly alright.

  19. It makes me feel so sad, that some people cant feel free to do what they want, and they are hated for no reason.
    Fuck this world seriously.

  20. Wow!! We gays in South Africa have it so easy. 😥 sad to see gays being killed and ridiculed in other countries

  21. Good for that cop telling off the doctor, telling him that they are human beings too just like us.

  22. i worked for an albanian, dude was a total hardass so i just stopped going in. He'd always talk about the women at our job and say gay shit

  23. Gay Albanians should come to Belgrade, we have amazing gay life. Leave that stone age country behind you.

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