Zodwa Wabantu doesn’t hold back in a recent interview with TshisaLIVE. She opens up about relationships, people’s criticism of her behaviour and her drive for business.

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  1. As a woman I feel ashamed of being a woman because of zodwa ..I wander how her family feels especially her mother and her son ?? To see your mum's kuku being exposed like that.. zodwa is very selfish and to talk about gay ppl like that is totally bad ..who are U to judge ??? The gay people knows exactly what they have..#cancelthatshow.next tym she will think before she talk

  2. If anyone has a problem with an "uncovered vagina'',kindly cover yours without saying a word🤐…And leave Zo wabantu for us…She is as real as the "godfather" or should I say "Gay_godfather" himself "Somgaga-gaga_gaga''Nisazo menopausa strong shame"Yekani amaprivate parts abantu they are private..🤔

  3. yaaa without that you can sleep with empty stomach ,you show everyone that you never go to school,your English is very poor,noone like you,they just pretend to like you,you don't know what they talk about you.

  4. Pipo,let's do good to change the bad we see.zodwa cannot change with our bad coments.zodwa she is a nice woman if only she can be delivered from that spirit which is oppressing her.I pray that one day she shall meet Jesus. Let's be the strength to one another

  5. I know nothing about this girl. I ran in to her video by watching Cardi B. But I LOVE HER! Rep for us mature women girl. I'm a fan of NATURAL BODIES! Man she has the best body id ever seen in my life.
    KEEP DOING YOU MA…Dont Change…

  6. Lord I just wanted some intelligence compassion in all that like really totally unexpected I thought she could do more wish her the best she really does need a good cry though that RBF is all over her it is just not doing her justice

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