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ISTINA (The Naked Truth) ИСТИНА is a ballet with a story within, Milena Sidorova performed her own choreography in 2001 on the stage of National Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine
Ballet archives
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Music: Sting

Milena Sidorova, who is well known for her Spider video or Spider Woman dance is a professional dancer, multiple award winner for both dance and her choreography, including the title ‘The Person Of The Year’ (Ukraine, 2001) and named 2012-2013 critic’s choice “Outstanding Dancer” in Dance Europe magazine.
This channel focuses on her choreography works, her dancing and artistic roles and projects. Her love for animals also has a place in her choreography and creative development. You can expect to see inspiring performances, crazy movements, and follow her art.


  1. Complete and absolute rubbish, start to finish. The filming and film quality were terrible as was the lighting, who knows what or if she wore anything, her age I would put somewhere between 1 & 100. The dance looked like “beginners 101” but I might have enjoyed it if I was a 3yo girl with dreams of being a ballerina, but as I’m not enough said.

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