As we continue PCW Ready 2 Die in Fire Pro Wrestling World, we have some new wrestlers make their debut including Sting! WWE, TNA, NJPW? We got a little bit of everyone.

PCW is a monthly simulation tournament with wrestlers representing patrons from my Patreon that are in a tier of $10 or more. Every patron that signs up will be assigned a wrestler & will be put into a bracket & every month we’ll have a tournament to crown a PCW Champion for that month.

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Fire Pro Wrestling World is a professional wrestling video game published by Spike Chunsoft. At Wrestle Kingdom Fan Fest 2018, SPIKE Chunsoft announced that New Japan Pro-Wrestling would be officially licensed and would come complete with a Story Mode and at least the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.The game was released on Steam Early Access on July 11, 2017, with a full release for PC on December 18, 2017 and is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 in August 28, 2018.