The Kissing Booth (2018) is another one of these teen romance / drama movies in the vein of Sierra Burgess, and follows Elle, who struggles to reconcile her growing feelings for Noah, who is the perfect-heart-throb-in-every-way-and-if-you-don’t-believe-it-you-must-be-gay, with her lifelong friendship with his brother Lee.

If you’ve seen more than two films in this genre, then you’ve already seen this one, because it does very little that could be considered original, and lazy writing and cliches abound.

Probably the film’s biggest offense though, are elements that kids these days might call “problematic”. It relies on some very outdated ideas about how relationships work, female agency and the power of women to save violent bad-boys from themselves. The sort of ideas that you should not be encouraging in an audience of impressionable teenage girls.


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    YouTube just demonetised the video (after I'd already made it public, for f*ck's sake).
    EDIT: Remonetised. Yay!

    Sorry this took a bit longer than usual. I hope you find it worth the wait. To make up for it, I'm planning on releasing three more videos by the end of this month.

    P.S. Hitler Ice Cream was indeed a real thing. Discovering that made sitting through this film multiple times worth it.

    And yes, I know her name is pronounced "El". My bad. I still don't care.

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