Jeremy is soooo yummy! I luv him!!!


  1. I love Jeremy and think he is handsome, photogenic, but why, oh why does he star in these bloody awful B-grade Indie movies that go direct to DVD? I mean Jeremy deserves better than being put in these rubbishy Indie movies that nobody watches? I bet more people have seen the Loch Ness monster than seen a bloody awful Indie movie! I think it is time Jeremy's fans (people power!) get in touch with Jeremy's management and demand he be put in some good blockbuster movies instead of this Indie movie rubbish!

  2. his eyes are BRILLIANT and BLAZING!! Omg he could play Christian Grey (kind of) if he wasn't so soft, you know what I mean. Christian is kind of an asshole who is really commanding! P.S. you uploaded this on my birthday!!(;

  3. What happened to Peter Pan? I guess he grew up, it makes me sad to think that the 14 year old Jeremy who played Peter is gone.

    Every child grows up…..Except one, right?

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