Yes, hot. That’s the focus of not one, but several articles in Chinese state-run media related to the Yangtze River ferry…”rescue.” On June 1st, a cruise ship carrying 456 passengers and crew capsized in a storm while traveling up China’s Yangtze River. It’s the worst nautical disaster in China since the 1940s. And if you have subversive thoughts like that, you’re pretty much like most people in China who read those headlines.

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  1. Chris can you do better than just sitting there?
    Do you think Chinese are so stupid?
    I give you 10/10 China hater.

  2. Can't stop laughing at the faces that you make, not gonna lie lol. That's part of what makes watching your videos fun. Keep it up!

  3. Hot I can't tell Chinese apart go ahead call me racist they just all look the same I can't tell ying and Chang apart sorry

  4. I could save 20 more people with my dick alone than these ball-less corrupt chinese commies. 2 out of 456? Suckah dick

  5. Honestly. It's not that kind way of hot. It means that the ppl those r out there saving ppls lives r respectfully "hot" it's a complimenting hot compliment of their inner beauty !

  6. Hi Chris, I am someone who is born in China and have been subject to propaganda and nationalist sentiments. I admit it has been difficult watching your videos as a Chinese person. Although I still feel some of your contents are directed towards portraying China in a negative light for delivery and comedic purposes, I do appreciate you making these contents available and allowing me to look at China from a different perspective.

  7. Actually the meaning of word 帅 in that lecture is more close to handsome or chivalrous than to hot. Anyway it does not affect we drawing the conclusion that communist party's propagandas are going to be more and more ridiculous.

  8. I'm a pure Chinese, born and raised in China. One thing is known but not admitted among Chinese people is that Chinese government has this unique power to turn a funeral into a carnival. Million people died, but at end of the day, we always find ourselves being so blessed with something worth celebrating, that is when the government is here to rescue us!

    That being said, it's not fair to take the word "shuai" (hot, handsome) in this headline literally. In this context, the word "shuai" is enriched with: powerful, skillful, willingness to die for their duty.

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  10. I feel so guilty cuz I laughed so hard at this. Seriously though, many people died, this is not a comedy sketch by Chinese state-owned media.

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