The Supreme Court is taking up Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission: the case over whether a Christian baker can refuse to bake a cake for a couple’s gay wedding. WTI host Lou Perez relays his firsthand perspective on the situation. What do you think? Let us know in the comments and subscribe for more!

To bake the cake or not to bake the cake? That is the question the U.S. Supreme Court is going to be deciding. The case began when Jack Phillips, a Christian baker in Lakewood, Colorado, was asked to create a wedding cake for the same-sex wedding of Charlie Craig and David Mullins. Phillips refused, saying that making the cake was a form of artistic expression and that to do so would violate his religious beliefs. He asserted this was protected by the first amendment, which guarantees freedom of religion.

The couple, on the other hand, disagreed. They believe that the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment to the constitution, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, guarantee them the right to be free of discrimination based on their lgbt status.

WTI host Lou Perez may not have a gay wedding on the horizon, but he does have a straight one. He offers his perspective based on personal insight to the wedding process. What do you think? Let us know below, and remember to follow us on social media for more funny videos, memes, and jokes on the daily.

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Lou Perez

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  1. there are just weddings they don't have sexuality nor do cakes – attributing sexuality to civil contracts and food is part of the reason people get ideas they can discriminate – now wheres my gay driving licence : )

  2. if the bigots want to stop gay right then the bigots need to stop having straight sex as only a male and female can make babies that can grow up to be gay. because two male having sex will not make a baby two female having sex will not make a baby. it will
    so to all the bigots if you do not want gay people! stop having sex and making babies that might grow up to be gay.

  3. I thought Hurley v. GLIB essentially answered this question? If the supreme court follows in the footsteps of that court case (as I think they should, considering the similarities), then they'll vote in favor of Masterpiece.

  4. A person didn't make a cake for a gay couple [gasp] it's the end of the world, people are dying of hunger in Africa and you're freaking over a cake being gay or straight 😡

  5. All you have to do is change the participants in this case, and EVERYONE supporting the gay couple changes their minds immediately. If they win, a Jewish baker must bake a cake with a swastika. A black baker must bake a cake for a Klan rally. A gay baker must bake a cake for the Westboro Baptist Church.

  6. All good points, Lou! : – D
    I wonder if the whole gay cake issue is a crisis of absolutes, or if there are degrees of gayness to it.
    "Yes, we are having a GAY wedding and we would like you to bake a GAY cake."
    "Woah, what are we talking about here?
    How GAY exactly would you like this cake to be, is it like Justin Bieber GAY, or are we talking FULL ON HOMO?!"
    ; – )

  7. But the question is, is a cake worth a court case…wouldn't it be cheaper for them to just simply go somewhere else? LOL

  8. Congrats Lou!! And I think the court should rule on the baker's side. There are plenty of other places that couple can go to get their cake… and I'm not saying that flippantly; I really hope those two get their cake, however I don't think it should be the baker's responsibility to do it if he feels he just can't.

  9. Read those oral arguments for yourself.
    There are only two directions the court can go.
    1. they can declare governments must allow Christians to force Homosexuals to participate in Christian events as servants or Homosexuals will pay a massive fine for refusing indenture servitude because the 14th Amendment must be adhered to when it comes to law. Equal protection of the law, or it's not a Constitutional law. Just think of all the lawsuits that will come up because government can't choose a side, just force compliance with the idea that if you have money and walk through a door, you can force anyone to do or make what you want, no matter your predilections

    2. blow up the whole civil rights industry because the expansion of the unconstitutional "public accommodation" definition to include participation in events one does not want to serve actually is indentured servitude. The term "public accommodation" has to be struck down. The notion that private property, the physical extension of a private person, can or should be forced to serve whom the government deems a priority is indentured servitude as well.

  10. One simple word: capitalism. If I don't want to bake a cake for a gay wedding, someone else will and they'll earn your dollar while I won't. If your dollar was worth that much to me, I would gladly sell you a cake even if I don't agree with homosexual marriages or not.

  11. this, a thousand times. the free market would have easily and actually been the right thing. if there was no other cake baker in the small town chances are if they wont sell you a wedding cake you should think about moving. in the normal world there are multiple bakeries and if it is so bad im sure there are gay people who (omg crazy thought) are bakers who can capitlize and out compete. this was a bad hill to fight on it makes bo sense and cuts out possible allies.

  12. All I know is that the third song at the reception will always be something by Glenn Miller so that the older guests don't feel left out.

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