Created by the Canadian Centre of Gender & Sexual Diversity
Visit to donate, download educational kits, and learn more about The Gay Sweater Project.

Directed by Reynard Li

Directors of Photography:
Reynard Li
Rob Butterwick

Camera Assistant:
Claire Foster

Saatchi & SaatchiCanada
Executive Creative Director:Brian Sheppard
Creative Directors:Matt Antonello,Joel Arbez
Art Directors:Joel Arbez,Rachel Kennedy
Writers:Matt Antonello, Shauna Roe
Producer: Rebecca Adams
Camera Operator:Rob Butterwick
Editor: Dylan O’Donnell

Westside Studios: Vicky Lam
Instill Productions: Philip Rostron

Executive Producer: Wendy Linton
Colourist: Roslyn Di Sisto

567 VFX & Relish Editing
Executive Producer: Lucy O’Neill
Senior Producer: Connie Dercho
Online Artist:Astrid Cardenas
Executive Producer: Lucy O’Neill
Editor: Chris Murphy
Assistant Editor:Michael Barker

Executive Producer: Jeff Cohen
Producer: Dustin Anstey
Sound Engineer: Ryan Chalmers

Third Star Films
Editor: Ryan Denmark

Special Thanks To:

Everyone who donated their hair to the Gay Sweater

Canadian Centre of Gender & Sexual Diversity
Jeremy Dias – Director
Cameron Aitken – Educator
Hannah Collins – Educator
Lyra Evans – Educator
Zac Johnstone – Board of Directors
Kirkland Reinhart – Educator
Zack Ward – Educator

Lettuce Knit:
Amelia Lyon – Knitter
Brenna Macdonald – Knitter

Gavin Crawford – Actor, comedian

University of Toronto
Ashley Monks – Professor, biological psychology

Ash Beckham – Comedian, activist
Katherine Barber – “Canada’s Word Lady”

Salon OnePhilip Nazaruk – Hair stylist

Kelly Clipperton – Hair stylist, performer

Kelly McCluskey – Hair donor

Jennifer McConville – Stylist

Elizabeth Rowe – Hair & Makeup

Cleo Roberts – Model

Street Interviews (in order of appearance):
Aldona Serniak
Ashleen Polonco
Alyssa Keighan
Kelsey Wallace
Danielle Leung
Darren Hui
Jenna Marie Comrie
Mike Constable
Cathy McMaster
Natalie Cuda
Nadine Hajjar
Lawrence Allen White

Relish Editing
567 VFX
RMW Music
Westside Studios
Instill Productions

Chairman Ting Industries
Carson Ting – Illustrator

Laven Labels: Lee McLaven, Tim Elliot

Saatchi & Saatchi Canada
TPM Communications


  1. I don't see this as a "gay" sweater. It's just a sweater made out of human hair. There's no such thing as "gay hair." It's a cool idea in terms of sweater making, but it's just hair.

  2. Faggot ment "a bundle of sticks" roughly 100 years, just like gay was used to describe "a good time or joyous occasion". My point being, language changes with time and political correctness is out of hand, it's gay and retarded so drop it. I seen a couple of gay guys posting below me in the comments saying they don't want this agenda being pushed. The reality is, gay rights and black rights movements like this retarded shit, are the result of straight white hipsters feeling guilty.

  3. This is so GAY!! and by gay I mean GAY. I respect and have nothing against, intelligent, normal, reserve, homosexuals that live in a world where a lot of ignorant people disrespect them and segregate them. Now, this is just GAY, as stupid GAY, as the kind of GAY is just looking for attention because of self esteem issues, as the kind of GAY that is not related to sexuality tendencies, but mental issue such as lack of identity, self esteem, and mental disorders.

  4. wow there are so many things hilariously problematic with this initiative.

    first of all, i've barely heard the word 'gay' be used in a derogatory way for the past 5 years. so frankly, these people could be investing their money and energy in gay rights in other ways – let alone the hair itself

    secondly, as an art object, the concept and motive behind is severely detached from the product itself. it literally would have made more sense if you told me this project was about a serial killer who kills gay people and use their hair to make atrociously hideous sweaters

    thirdly, there's a lot of things i can call that sweater, GAY would not be one of them. that sweater is FUGLY.

    but i guess some exposure is better than none? i guess the purpose of this project isn't directed towards an intellectual or gay person anyway so w/e nvm.

  5. OK – do you wash it with shampoo and conditioner… or do you have it dry cleaned? lol Anywho… is it weird that I wish I owned The Gay Sweater? lol It looks cool!

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