A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 within the context of homosexuality in America during the 1980’s. Support Renegade Cut Media through Patreon:





  1. Nobody makes Renegade Cut but myself. It's a solo project. There are no collaborators, editors, etc. It's always weird when someone comes into my comments section and says "You guys" referring to the creator of the video. I am one person.

  2. Wow. I saw this film as a wee guy. But listening to you and watching the clips. I am actually more surprised that a film so overtly gay was made so long ago. Somehow we have gone backwards. I'v grown up on films that today seem to be controversial. Gay characters are some sort of LEftist AgEnda for some reason. For me, Cinema is humans finding themselves.

  3. I had no idea when I first watched the movie as kid. The themes went way over my head. When I got the whole movie collection on dvd, I re watched all of them and I immediately started to notice things. Then when I watched the documentary reference in this it confirmed it. Will have to watch
    This again in near future

  4. I’m gay and saw this movie in the theater when I was 20yo and I can tell you as a whole I did not think or read the subtext as being gay. As far as his best friend’s comment, that was part of widely accepted homophobic remarks gay men had gotten used to seeing for yrs

  5. With Cheryl Walsh in the film, I'm kind of torn. You can absolutely view it as you outlined, but I did think that in the film itself it seemed more like going "I don't know what's wrong and he doesn't want to talk to us, so maybe he should talk to someone else".

  6. A guy I went to school with had a sexual relationship with a male hairdresser, he ended up killing him, blaming it on satanism a fanatically deny he was gay even though admitting to have had sex with his victim. No joke. Got reminded about that watching this.

    Oh right, almost forgot, he joined a gang of neo-nazis prior to this….

  7. It took me a few years and a few re-watching to realize that it is actually a gay horror film and the actors all said the same thing that it had a lot of gay themes

  8. Can't wait to see Scream, Queen! The documentary that follows Mark Patton confronting the makers of the film . Getting them to admit that they intended it to be that gay.

  9. lmao wow! i was far too young when i was watching the original Nightmare on Elm Street movies to understand any sexual context be it homosexual or otherwise. its time to rewatch this one

  10. "Celluloid Closet" is one of my fav books. As a gay teen, I rented a bunch of the movies in the index. Bad idea! Those movies were mostly negative images of gays and lesbians. I have read the book at least 5 times.

  11. Great job on this one! You know what I take away from this? There's still so much unexplored territory in film and we've still got a ways to go. Also, there's a lot to be said about not being so obvious in films. Too many people just assume that if a character isn't flamboyant or doesn't "sound feminine" or talk with a lisp, then they must be straight. In 2020, there doesn't have to be such gay stereotypes in film. The problem to me is despite all of these big studios talking about how progressive they are, they're still to scared to take a real risk and are clearly just pandering. Example: the "lesbian scene" in Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker was a complete joke.

  12. I seen this movie when i was a kid i wasnt gay then but i never liked it cause it didnt fit with the other nightmare movies but after this video i can see what your talking about sad that i didnt even recognize this as a gay movie thanks for the heads up

  13. 3:19 really? why subtext? you should watch more Kubrick to see the beauty in underlying plot lines of film. much more interesting and artistic way to do it instead of making it obvious.

  14. How someone could see A Nightmare on Elm Street II and not know the "gay subtext" read: Explicit homosexuality was there must not be the brightest bulb in the pack

  15. I had this movie in the 80s, and even then my parents would get calls from astronauts telling them their son was so gay that they could see it from space. When I found out about these calls I would just explain it was the movie. I was a very convincing super gay kid. To this day they still think I'm kidding when I introduce my husband to their urn's. Talk about giving me the " You're dead to me treatment"… NO YOUR DEAD TO ME ! I always scream and then we just laugh and laugh and laugh.

  16. Benschoff was a professor of mine. He found gay subtext in all kinds of places in all kinds of films. He was my favorite film professor but there wasn't any contenders in the state school.

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