1. This Farrakhan dude is one of the most racist motherfuckers I've ever seen. But he's 100% right about Obama. Dude loves cock.

  2. The title is very misleading Minister does not discriminate Minister ONLY tells the truth……..😜👋🏾👍🏾🚒🇺🇸Ha!!!

  3. he fool of HATE who wrote the bible a MAN PERIOD the Karan A MAN WHO wanted 2 marry 6 WOMEN SHUT UP U HYPOCRITICAL LIER.

  4. he so FOOL of HATE JUST by his VOICE JUST like the OTHER white man full of HATE RACIST DESCRIMANTION

  5. Cannot stand this Negro but he's right on. But he is wrong about Michael oops I mean Michelle Obama is a MAN!!

  6. Barry Sotero is a useful idiot to the bankers who purchased him. He was openly homosexual in Chicago and Michelle is another homosexual man. Those kids are props paid for by the bankers to create the reality they wanted us to believe.

  7. It galls me that people whom haven't taken a towel and dried off their backs steps to the podium and speaks as if those crackkkas really care for what you're saying. You set on your spic ass and criticize sn intelligent Black Man simply because you are preoccupied with homosexuality and caring and loving what crackkkas want you to say. Guess what they said when they read your post Javier Ramirez…..look at what that bandanna wearing, gangbanging, raping ass 🌮 eating wetback said about that nigger. You dumb ass spic!

  8. Very well said, everyone need to stop using the Good Book for UNDER OATHES. None of us are perfect and can't hide anything from God. So what is really the purpose?

  9. Farrakham is a HYPOCRITE! if he really believes in GOD he wouldnt say White men should all Die! because GOD LOVES ALL OF US! no matter what color we are! BIG MOUTH HYPOCRITE!!!!!

  10. He lies in the first few minutes…. I'm your brother and I love you….. Lies. If you loved them you wouldn't be lying to them. You stealing their hearts with lies. Talking bout God and Allah….. Talking bout Jesus….. You voted Obama into office…. You supported him…. "your brother" the first President to sanction forbidden scripture

  11. Farrakhan , need to be filled with the Holy Ghost (Acs 2:4 ) I've had this experience and oh what an experience ; the Holy Spirit is the new wine , and you will definitely know when He in dwells you, and feels you with his power , and love . Bitter and Sweet Water don't come from the same fountain. We get clean through the " Word " The Bible. Farrakhan , old as he is still cursing : whats in the heart , comes out through the mouth . President Obama , was the devil's puppet , the love of money , is the root of all evil. And he can still give his heart to Jesus" , while the blood is running warm through his veins. Obama was not representing rightful morals , common sense : tells us that we don't teach our kids ; to have sex in the butt , that's unseemly , and against nature , nasty filthy , mocking God. Read the King James Bible , Psalms 139 . People , search out your own soul salvation with fear and trembling , because there is an afterlife ; Heaven and Hell ( the Lake of Fire) both are real. You might say , I'm not telling the truth well then you have nothing to lose , but if I'm telling you the truth you hav everything to lose , it's a choice Jesus' is the only way to God". Why ? is it so easy to believe everything a man tells us we believe , but we don't seek it out to see if it's really true , it's so easy for us to believe a lie , is it because we don't want change in our hearts , we want to hang on to the old sin nature ; old bad habits , that the Holy Spirit can help Deliver Us from. Believe everything in God's word the Bible ( study from the King James Version , in the eyes of your understanding will be open , all you got to do is be sincere and ask God" in Jesus' name to fill you with his truth . The true that will make us free …

  12. President Obama is exactly THEE first gay president…it wasn't on the cover of Newsweek for nothing….

  13. He’s still breathing ? He has calmed down after what he said about the white man but he said what he said he dug his own grave.I think he was thinking of the white man as all were like Mr.Rogers but he forgot about all the good Ol’ boys down south.The Hells Angels,the white supremacy and the skin heads do I need to go on ? I seen him barking about how bad and rotten the white man is.I guess he’s going to find out.

  14. God did not say do anything to the LGBT … God knows how to take care or for those who are…

    So since sin is sin, as Minister Farrakhan stated here, then we ought hate the sin, And Not the sinner…

    Thus, here in America, those of LGBT community also deserves constitutional protections and rights…

    President Obama did nothing wrong, when he signed Gay Rights bill….

  15. I think he's just jealous of Obama. Obama became president and he didn't.
    Louis Farrakhan, hater..what's new?
    He'd talk every white guy in prison to commit suicide just because they're white and in prison.
    He has been through some scraps, as far as I know, but he's still a hater. ( And he's not Jesus)

  16. He is right on this subject. What preacher/pastor curses throughout a sermon? Not a very Godly leader.

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