The Calendar Every Gay Man Needs in His Possession

It is 2017. Some calendars are still the same old, same old. There is one that is breaking this rule. It is doing it in spades. It is called Ripped and Stripped. It is for fans of men in their birthday suit. It is the gay naked calendar.

There is a video to promote this calendar. It can be found on Youtube. Think of this video as a behind the scenes look at hot naked men. The guys are in their 20’s. It is simply delicious.

You get to see them running along the beach. You get to see them strike a pose for the camera. Some of the guys are running naked into the water. Think of the footage as “Babes in Boyland”.

Are these guys straight? Who cares. The guys are going to be naked. This is all that matters. These guys are yummy. It is the gay naked calendar. There is a shot of 3 of these guys playing with balls on the beach. These men are actually playing with real balls. Many thoughts will still run through your mind on this one.

Are you looking for an excuse to fantasize about men right now? This video is your best bet. When I say naked, I mean naked. One man is spanking the other. The same guy then proceeds to hump the other guy from behind. This is being done in the water.

All I can say is you need to check out this video. As a gay man, I find this very erotic. This sort of thing normally does not do anything for me. The men are naked. This is all that matters. The guys in this calendar are definitely worth your time. The video link will be below for the gay naked calendar.


Ripped and Stripped Making of the 2017 Calendar – Promotional Film from Ripped & Stripped on Vimeo.

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