The Butt Drag Video from the ABC news

and this one



  1. I had this vision of some guy trying out wrestling to do somthibg new. Gets into it.

    During one of his first few matches, maybe not the first one. I dont know i didn't ask it was just a weird day dream…

    During the Match this move happens to the guy. He just stops wrestling and just does whatever movements, wriggling, shaking to get the fucker off, knocks him square in the face. Then gets into an argument with the place over who's the one calling the cops

  2. this needs to be banned for real fast it's attempted rape and degradation of your manhood
    if someone would do this i would get my glock from the locker room and make justice

  3. Wrestled for a decade. Doing MMA and BJJ now… I have never once seen or have/had this applied to me or my opponent. This guy is a cheating fuck who is willing to stick a finger in the ass rather than actually compete with honor… Ur butt drag/oil check is a million times worse than a pig nose or fish hook. I've never been in a real fight and considered sticking a finger in the ass.. There is something wrong with this fuck and any other competitor who uses this.

  4. Brock did his on Randy Couture, you latch on to a cheek when you do it right. That handle allows you to climb behind your opponent, not homosexual at all.

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