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-summing up a few things.

This video was made to show progress in character development, to make YOU have a bond with characters- so i can then break your heart.
YES! Gabriel is dead. At the end of the video. He is placed in a shock chair where he takes his last breath, as his eyes turn gray to show his passingm
Dispite all horrible things Gabriel did, his love for Archie was genuine, gabriel had many future plans for himself and Archie.
The beginning may go a little fast. This is because I exported the video, and it got corrupted. (I also had cleaned my ss folder, so all video was gone.) the decoding process was long, and the original 11 minutes ended up turning into 30. HeH. SoRrY.
No part 2! There is unfortunately no way I can redeem their un(dying) affection twards eachother.
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  1. Shouldn't Gabriel be sent to lifetime jail, I mean he only did triple murder, and if he wanted to start over couldn't he talk it out? Brooklyn wasn't his soulmate if he didn't truly love her. And even if Gabriel was sentenced to death, why wasn't he on death row? But I guess getting a death penalty can be due to murder, trafficking, e.t.c only in the U.S that is, so the first sentence I wrote was meaning less, but I can't be bothered to delete it, ALSO

    if you want part 2, maybe think of what it will be about, I mean, why make each sequel if one of the mainest, of the main characters are dead?

  2. So-
    If he realized he was gay then shouldn't the string have separated? She can't be his true love anymore. And Aniya said you could have multiple true loves soooooo.
    Also wanna point out I don't think mystery dude could die from him being held up in the air he would have just passed out… But yea. Not much better

  3. I am literally crying the ending was so brutal I mean he should not be killed he didn’t even like his soulmate and he liked the boy who is the other boys soulmate does he ever find out or does he die alone if there is a part two the boy should come back to life and then they fall in love get married and then adopt the son of his that is still alive and then live on as a happy family for the rest of there lives that ending was so brutal I can’t even get over it I am sobbing so hard right now WHYY

  4. No no no no….. NO! M-m-my s-sh-sh-ship.. I'm for real crying right now plz make an alternate ending were he lives but has no etmoions but wen he finds his soul mate , blue hair, he gets them bac and live live happily ever after.

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