As they prepare for their wedding, Scott and Johnny reflect on their long-term relationship; from a teenage first date after band practice to the meaning of monogamy.
Directed by: Michael Saul (The Surface, Go Go Reject, Adults Only)

Heath Daniels (Go Go Reject, Adults Only)
Ethan Le Phong (Squared, Big Gay Love, Naked Boys Singing)


  1. Wow. A happy ending for a gay, inter-racial couple. Wish it was longer … love the simplicity, no pain-no drama, 14 minutes of good feeling.

    Damn … the Vietnamese guy is hot. What a body … And he has a future in acting. That look of wounded anger and anxiety @9:45 is very convincing.

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  5. What a beautiful film. That sounds so much like our house, even after 21 years. I wish more couples would concentrate as much on the marriage as they do on the wedding. Marriage is hard work, and marital love is not a feeling, it’s a decision. But if you both show up, do the work, do the communicating, it is the best thing we ever get to do in this life.

  6. Interesting that this was made in 2015 and its attitudes are already out of date. Even more astonishing, the Obergefell case was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States exactly a week after this short film was posted on youtube. Had it been decided before the film was written, I suspect the dialog would have to be substantially different.

  7. Nice and uplifting. Now that gay marriage is legal, what’s next for the couples? Are they going the same paths as the heterosexual, fighting, and ending up in divorce 50% of the time or will they try harder at being successful in marriage harder than the desire to legalize gay marriage? Only time will tell. PS: anyone else getting tired of the Tom’s irritating advertisement? Trying to buy the WH! Ops, he is not the only one. Vote, please.

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