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Dating Naked has taken reality show dating to an unimaginable place. With crotch shots galore, take a peek at the most ridiculous moments from the show’s first season. Will you tune in to next season?

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  1. Soooo typical ridiculous US morale. They decide what I must see, a grown up man! – I can see in both the preview picture and text what this is about, and still you decide that I can't handle to see naked people. Geeeeeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    USA is stated whenever possible that they are "The land of God", and still they censor some of God's most beautiful creation, the human body. Total blaspheme!

    If people get offended by seeing this, then WHY THE F!CK are YOU clicking on the video?! Naked dating properly means that you'll see naked people*, so if you can't handle it and gets "offended", just *stay away !!!!!

  2. I would have said the male anchor was GAY AS ALL HELL, but I see some heterosexuals that are more like that.

    And why are gay people often so fake, so cosmopolitan like? No silly answers from christian fundamentalists please.

  3. Google "Karl Malden" and you will see Kerri's dad he is a T.V. Star from the 60's and 70's he mostly played the part of a detective when you see him you cant hardly tell them apart! ! they have the exact same Sweet Potato Nose ! !

  4. Why is anyone a slut for being on this show? Being naked it normal, we all put cloths and makeup on and hide our bodies everyday. If anything this show is better than average dating because if a guy (or girl) is dating you only to see you naked, well they've done it, no need to continue dating you. Here they go to have actual connections because you've already seen each other naked so its not about that.

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