Thai Gay Movie: พี่ชาย My Hero [OFFICIAL TRAILER]


  1. มาอ่านเม้นแทบร้องไห้ คือกุอ่านไม่ออก ท้อแท้55-_-

  2. ทำไมตรูหาไทยยากจัง5555

  3. ดูแบบเต็มได้ที่ใหนค่ะ

  4. I've watched this like twice but "you'll understand when you grow up" always hits me in the feels. well done josh Kim! might have to say this is my favorite movie!

  5. I don't know if I could bare to watch this movie a second time.
    It was very well done and the character portrayals were excellent.
    I definitely recommend watching!!!!!

    Although it is a "gay themed" movie, I like that it didn't revolve around that, but rather the relationship between the brothers.

    PS: Growing up sucks, ask Oat.

  6. okที่ไม่ได้กดเข้าไปดูรู้สึกเสียวตูดแทนน้องชายความเป็นชายหายไปไหนกัน

  7. Asian Boys Love Paradise you know where you have this subtitled film in Portuguese or Spanish?

  8. can someone knows a full link movie of this movie. please.! i want to watch it. i think this is a good story.

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