At the end of the first Teen Wolf movie there is a guy in the bleachers that exposes himself. I guess the editors missed it, but it is pretty obvious.


  1. Why is this girl commenting? if its not her in the movie with her pants open. do we care you were in the movie ? no. did you come here just to say you were in the movie? who cares why you think her pants were open.

  2. Yeah, just watched this movie – that was definitely a girl; keep an eye out for her in the wider shots, you can spot her pretty easily.

    Even if that was a guy…he would've been hung like a mosquito.

  3. This is not a "woman exposing herself."  It's a woman who decided to loosen her top button to her pants in order to feel comfortable and forgot all about it. And you see nothing but white panties.

  4. One, I am Kris Hagerty, the one that is in the movie Teen Wolf, very much female, never was a male.
    Two, that woman on this video is NOT me…I was a brunette then. That is just one of the extras in the stands. I was actually below them off cam. 

    My best guess as to why her pants were unzipped; girls then wore their pants super tight to where they would have to lay down in order to zip them up. If you have worked in the film industry you know the motto is "hurry up and wait"….we would all be sitting around waiting for them to set up the scenes. In tight pants that gets uncomfortable. So I am guessing in between takes she unzipped them for comfort and forgot to or didn't have time to zip them up before they yelled action.

  5. i remember that myth. i saw the movie as a kid with my two cousins. we started screaming and ran out my room. lol we were so scared of the ghost, but we decided to be "brave" and go back to my room and see it again. only to realize it was a cardboard image of one of the main characters. XD

  6. Ah, the interview is fraudulent…? It's a woman. Clear as day, obvious as existence, it's a woman. Watch any decent widescreen cut of the film, the very woman in question is clearly visible in scenes before this one, wearing the same clothes. In this very video, you can see the outline of her bust in that red sweater, complete with semi-hard nipples and what is obviously the outline of a bra. It's a chick, of this there can be no debate.

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