Second short film realised by Gruppo Giovani Omphalos, part of Omphalos Arcigay Arcilesbica association in Perugia, Italy, which fights everyday to claim equal rights for LGBT people and against every kind of discrimination.
Hoping that everyone will throw the mask and fight against homotransphobia, until each human being has truly gained the same right to be happy.

Secondo cortometraggio realizzato dal Gruppo Giovani Omphalos, dell’associazione Omphalos Arcigay Arcilesbica di Perugia, che tutti i giorni combatte per i diritti delle persone LGBT e contro ogni forma di discriminazione.
Perché tutt* possano gettare le loro maschere e lottare contro l’omotransfobia, finché ognuno non abbia davvero il diritto di essere felice.


Lorenzo Benedetti


Luca Ciaccarini – Ragazzo spogliatoio
Andrea Costantini – Figlio genitori omofobi
Stefano Sivo – Partner del figlio
Giuliano Foca – Padre omofobo
Maria Chiara Cicioni – Madre omofoba
Ester Zampedri – Ragazza suicida
Simona Capitanio – Ragazza aggredita
Giulia Neri – Partner della ragazza

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis — Can’t Hold Us

I do not own this song, it belongs to its rightful owners.


  1. 50 years ago today I was in Perugia going to school for much of the summer, and had my first experience with another man. As pleasant, caring, and gentle as it was It so shocked me that I would have passed out in art history class, and had to go back to the penzioni to get reconstituted. Such an incredible memory, shades of Call Me by Your Name.[I did my in earnest history project with architectural drawings of the Fontana Maggiore….. PERUGIA, YOU ARE LOVELY, HANDSOME, BEAUTIFUL AND GOOD. Always grateful for that sacred time studying there . Blessings, all.

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