Proven by the world’s largest back pain study to relieve back pain and improve quality of life. You can learn this program from Dr Lam’s Instructional DVD at, or e-mail [email protected] Please use the Tai Chi for Arthritis program because it is an updated version of the same program with exactly the same movements and all relevant information, medical findings incorporated as well as in more easy to follow format.

If you require the earlier version DVD titled ‘Tai Chi for Back Pain’ for any reason please email us at [email protected]

This program is designed to relieve back pain, restore the ability to work and play, improve health and quality of life, it will also help people in wheelchairs and with other medical conditions.

Tai chi is a gentle exercise shown by many scientific studies to relieve pain, strengthen muscles, improve stamina, blood circulation, balance and relaxation.

There are numerous forms of tai chi. This program places special emphasis on strengthening the deep stabilizing muscles of the spine and contains adaptations for people with other chronic disabilities. It aims at helping you cope better with daily tasks, as well as improving your mental and physical health. No prior knowledge of tai chi is necessary.