Straight Out, a gay short movie.
Elliott is growing up and discovering his sexuality. He is coming out of the closet and he is about to shock everyone by telling them that he is straight.

Gay short film.

Straight Outta Brighton

An Andy Nicholls film.
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  1. I hope this is gay sex scen of gay guys and boys ok please tell me iand fuck on butt ok i want more gay film sex scen of gay guys and teen boys by pleae post it on youtube chanel i see them all it aint new please put it on youtube if it youtube chanel ok like the videos guys

  2. so funny …… more and more films where "young man discover sex" ….. but why after 18 ????
    and I thought only in Poland is one MP, who claims that the sex organs grow after the age of 18 🙂
    and it turns out that the world is more such "experts"

  3. i'm sorry but the speech at 1:07 was really freaking cringey. not because it was talking about homosexual relationships but because it sounded like my pastors sermon on homosexuality. plus the guys voice mixed with the hate speech really made me want to throw up actually the whole damn thing is cringey im just cringing make it stop

  4. At the end where the main character says "Maybe you have to try things just once. Just to be sure" kind of ruins the whole message of the short film. (In the real world) You would not say to a gay person that he/she cannot know for sure whether he/she is gay before they have slept with a person from the other sex. That's would just be outright offensive. So this short film is not about acceptance and equal love, but about holding on to the narrow-mind and insularity that permeate our society.

  5. This is amazing I wish the world was like this for a few days and see how some straight people like it to hind I'm not trying to be mean to straight people I swear I LOVE YOUR VIDEO

  6. You made a fantastic video here.
    Please feel free to post the link to it on any of my videos.
    My other channel is "Gay Stuff", I got your message on that channel.

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