The debate between recreational marijuana and sports has been controversial for a long time, and MMA leagues in the US are no exception. Many fighters who adhere to the rule of not smoking during competition periods test positive anyway because of how long weed stays in the system. Thanks to this rule, superstar UFC fighters who have tested positive for marijuana (such as Nick Diaz) have been dealt punishing fines and even suspensions or bans from competition.

Rejecting this and intending to set a new standard for mix-martial artists, High Rollerz co-founders Matt Staudt and Big Lonn Howard have decided to put together a cannabis infused jiu-jitsu tournament where some of the sport’s top athletes get high with their opponent before competing – and where the winner’s grand prize is a pound of weed.

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  1. nah man, y'all got it twisted…you need cardio, you need clarity, suck up your emotions, man up! weed has murdered my cardio, it makes it hard to learn the submissions, you have brain farts, assuming your not a lightweight, and actually smoke… weed is my enemy, I run off of it, Nick name Towely, I'm using martial arts to get away from weed, I have no cardio, I throw up from Intense work outs, which are an essential part martial arts, and y'all are preaching to do both?!! the Devil is a bitch assed LIAR!!!!

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