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This is my Dark Side version of STAR WARS: The Old Republic movie series. Previously I have done a Light Side version using the Jedi Knight class. It covers the Jedi Knight class story + all the expansions up to Knights fo the Eternal Throne (as of today). In my Dark Side version, I will be using Sith Inquisitor class as many requested in the comments of my Light Side version. It will cover Sith Inquisitor class story + all expansions using Dark Side choices.

Episode 1 covers the entire Sith Inquisitor class/main story. Episode 2 will cover all expansion story arcs up until Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. Knights of the Fallen Empire will be Episode 3 and Knights of the Eternal Throne will be Episode 4. To follow all future Episodes and existing movies (Jedi Knight version), check out my STAR WARS: The Old Republic Movie Series Playlist:

This movie is made using cutscenes and gameplay edited from the game STAR WARS: The Old Republic. It includes only the essential story parts while cutting out all unnecessary parts such as exploration, grinding, menu/loading screens etc. The end result is allowing you to enjoy the story of STAR WARS: The Old Republic like watching a movie. Hope you enjoy!!

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  1. ► Sith Inquisitor – The Prologue / Backstory:

    Milzra was born on Alderaan to a royal family. He was abnormally strong in the Force ever since he was born. Using his mind alone, he was able to create detailed images out of natural materials such as sand, soil, water, fire, and even electricity. Creating art using only his mind was Milzra's favorite hobby when he was a kid. He was a happy child and his parents loved him dearly.

    But things started to take a turn at age 7 when Milzra's parents had a newborn child, a baby sister. His parents still loved him equally, but they had to spend more time taking care of the baby and less time with Milzra. The lack of attention from his parents left him jealous. His jealousy for his sister took hold and corrupted him, creating fear within his heart. The fear of losing his parents' love turned into anger and Milzra started to express his anger in the form of destruction. He no longer found much joy in creating art out of the things around him instead he started to destroy things like vases, plates, windows, anything he could explode using his Force Power.

    His actions got him more attention from his parents, but the attention was negative which further pushed Milzra to become angrier with his parents and with his sister. They knew of his Force abilities and blamed him for the troubles he caused. His emotion of anger eventually turned into hate for his little baby sister. In his mind, getting rid of his sister was the only way for his parents to give attention to him again. But Milzra was a smart kid, he knew he had to make it look natural. If his parents had found out he did something to his sister, they would surely blame him even more causing them to hate him instead.

    So how could he get rid of his baby sister without anyone thinking it was he who did it? What if his baby sister got rid of herself? Yes, he could influence people using his mind. He could make his baby sister climb into the swimming pool in the middle of the night when his parents were asleep and drown herself. And that was exactly what he did. The next morning when his parents found his baby sister, motionless floating in the pool, it crushed their hearts. The thought did cross their minds if Milzra had something to do with it, but because they were so occupied with sorrow and disbelief that they had no space in their hearts to blame him. Milzra smiled to himself as he had achieved what he believed to be victory. Unfortunately, things did not turn out to be as Milzra wanted. His mother was constantly crying and depressed all the time. His father became a heavy drinker to drown the sadness in his heart. Things were never the same again. And Milzra's heart started to grow all the more darker and colder.

    One day at the dining table, Milzra's father was drunk as was now usual. And out of nowhere, he started questioning Milzra asking if he had anything to do with his sister's death. Milzra's mother was very upset at his questioning and told him to stop. But he wouldn't, he insisted on Milzra to answer the question. By this time, seeing how his parents were never the same anymore, Milzra just did not care anymore. So he answered "Yes, I killed her. She was a nuisance." His parents were in shock, but deep inside their minds they had thought of the possibility. Milzra's father got up from the table, walked to Milzra, and slapped him across the face with full force. Milzra turned his head to his father, looked at his father with eyes filled with pure hatred. And suddenly, his father had a heart attack and collapsed on the spot. Milzra's mother screamed and was genuinely frightened of Milzra at that moment. The next day, she paid a smuggler to have Milzra send away, far away from Alderaan as she could afford, to a remote planet that she did not even want to know the location of.

    Days passed and Milzra landed on a desert planet, Tatooine. The smuggler was not given any instruction as to what to do after, so he sold Milzra off to a slave lord on Tatooine and left. The slave lord ordered Milzra to do labor but he refused. So the slave lord ordered his guards to punish Milzra, except Milzra turned the table around by being the punisher instead. Using the Force, Milzra summoned high voltage electricity in both of his hands. Then as he put both hands forward, powerful lightning bolts shot out from all of his fingers. Traveling straight into the guards. The two guards were electrified from head to toe and screaming in horrible pain. Milzra did not stop until both guards were completely fried alive.

    The slave lord was terrified and begged Milzra for mercy. He told Milzra that he set him free and Milzra could leave the place immediately. But no, Milzra had another idea in mind. He told the slave lord to keep his position as the slave lord. However, he will have to do everything Milzra told him to do. In other words, Milzra wanted to be the boss of the slave lord without anyone else knowing. He wanted to control the slave lord from behind the curtains. He wanted to be the true lord. He was 10 years old at the time. Being the true lord, he was able to order slaves to do anything he wished. It was at this time that Milzra began to become addicted to power.

    His first order for the slave lord was to hire bounty hunters to hunt down and capture the smuggler, who sold him off, alive. He had the smuggler set up a meeting with his mother after being caught. During the meeting, the smuggler kidnapped her and brought her to Tatooine to meet with Milzra. When his mother arrived at the slave lord's mansion, she was in chains and on her knees as Milzra stared at her from high above on the slave lord's throne. As she was the person he loved the most, naturally the hate of betrayal he felt was also the deepest. He had to end her life by his own hands. He zapped his mother with lightning over and over for several hours to make sure she suffered greatly. Finally as he grew bored of the torture, he used all of his Force Power to unleash the most powerful lightning strike he had ever summoned. As the enormous lightning bolts hit his mother's flesh, it did not simply burn her body as it did with those guards previously, it electrocuted her into near nothing. It immediately incinerated her flesh into nothing but ashes. From this experience, Milzra learned yet another lesson, hate equals power.

    For the next few years, Milzra lived as the true slave lord of Tatooine and enjoyed a luxurious life. Until one day the Sith Empire came and occupied the city he was in. Imperial soldiers raided the slave lord's mansion and took all the slaves into custody forcing them to work under the Empire. Including Milzra as he was not officially the lord of the mansion so Imperial soldiers saw him as just another slave. However, Milzra did not go without a fight. He killed the soldiers trying to capture him with ease and fled the mansion. More soldiers chased after him soon they were killed as well by Milzra. Then the Sith Empire sent several Sith Acolytes after Milzra. However, their fates were not unlike those of the Imperial soldiers. All dead, killed by the untrained Force user. Eventually, word traveled to Imperial Intelligence of an escapee with immense power in the Force. This piqued the interest of a Sith Lord, Darth Jadus.

    Darth Jadus ordered a lockdown of the city immediately in order to wait for his arrival to Tatooine. He led a handful of Sith Warriors and a dozen of Imperial soldiers himself to the city in search of Milzra. With Jadus' second to none Force Power, it was easy for him to sense Milzra's presence and set a trap for him. It was in the middle of a plaza where Milzra was surrounded by Imperial soldiers and Sith Warriors. Milzra readied himself with Force Lightning to fry anyone who dared to step forward. Darth Jadus could sense the power emanating from Milzra and immediately knew that Milzra was special. Jadus first ordered a fully trained Sith Warrior wielding a lightsaber to subdue Milzra as a test. Sure enough, Milzra fried the Sith Warrior as if he was just a damned fly. Then Jadus ordered three, then five and all of them failed.

    Darth Jadus was incredibly impressed by Milzra's Force Power. If Milzra was this powerful untrained, how powerful could he become once he was properly trained? Jadus then stepped forward to face Milzra himself. Once again, Milzra blasted Force Lightning towards Darth Jadus in an attempt to fry him dead. This time however, his lightning was resisted by Jadus' own lightning. Their Force Lightings clashed. Milzra was using all his power in order to keep up, while Darth Jadus was only using a fraction of his power. Milzra had never faced another whose Force Power was above his own. For once, he was genuinely concerned. Finally, Darth Jadus decided to end it. He dialed up his power and his Force Lightning overtook Milzra's, traveling through Milzra hands, arms, chest, then his entire body sending Milzra flying backwards onto the ground.

    Milzra tried to get back up but he wasn't able to, something was stopping his body from moving. It was Darth Jadus. He had his left hand out using the Force to subdue Milzra's entire body. Darth Jadus walked towards Milzra until he was standing right next to him. Jadus ignited his red lightsaber with his right hand. He brought the lightsaber just inches away from cutting Milzra's neck and said, "Remember this day. The day I, Darth Jadus, spared your insignificant life. When the day comes that I may use your assistance, you will owe me." Then Darth Jadus ordered Imperial soldiers to give Milzra a shot that put him to sleep. After that, Milzra was sent to Korriban and forced to begin his training as a Sith Acolyte.

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  2. Easily the best thing I have seen in a while! At least some people still know how to make Star Wars!!

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  4. 10000x times better than SAO ! The Anime is a laughable excuse for an VMMORPG ! this is how you make an MMO/RPG with solid writing, character development and atmosphere ! gosh ! i wish Bioware direct Anime instead of those fat ass, ignorance piece of s***t Kawahara and those whom he associate with !. the more i watch KOTOR and KOR the more i envy the capabilities of Lucas Art of making suck fine art ! yes i said "Art" ! Only SAO was 1/10000 this good ! (also ! i'm not a weeb, i just like anime and JRPG and RPG type in general).

  5. Why am I so bothered that dude is wearing a western style hat? I mean how would he even know about that kind of thing

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