1. Adele – Hello
2. Diana Ross – Upside Down
3. Evanescence – Wake Me Up Inside(e Side Dubstep Remix)
4. Diana Ross – Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)
5. Bony Tayler – Total eclipse of the Heart
6. Григорий Лепс и Валерий Меладзе – Обернитесь
7. Lord Huron – The Night We Met
8. Taylor Swift – Wildest Dream
9. Barcelona – Please don’t go
10. LIRANOV – Молоко
11. Fair Control – Symphony of Love
12. КИНО – Спокойная ночь
13. Michael Jackson – You Are Not Alone
14. Lana Del Rey – Art Deco
15. GoonRock_Fergie_Q-Tip – A Little Party Never Killed Nobody
16. Татьяна Буланова – Мой ненаглядный
17. – Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears
18. Imany – Don’t be so shy (Filatov & Karas rmx)
19. Shakira – Objection
20. Prince – The most beautiful girl in the world
21. Ольга Бузова – Мало половин
22. Мурат Тхагалегов – Едем едем на дискотеку
23. Gorgon City feat. Katy Menditta – Use your imagination
24. Benni Benassi feat. Dhany – Hit My Heart
25. MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This
26. Rupert Holmes – Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
27. Верка Сердючка – Чита-дрита
28. – Big And Chunky


  1. Лучший кряк по ЗВ, который я видела _(ОшО)_/ давно так не ржали

  2. I am SH H R I E K I NG amazing as always–in fact they seem to get better and better?!
    This was all so brilliant. Props to you for pointing out chewie being silent while rey was trying to appeal to Luke. LIKE…. HIS BEST FRIEND IS RIGHT THERE. and at last…. the luke version of skysolo flashback montage has arrived. ;____; I CRY. I love how there is some kind of continuity in your videos. With Art Deco … &I honestly screamed when "Don't Be So Shy" came on again with Luke and Yoda… all because of your last one. Thank you for rey hanging up on the skype call. Thank you for that Kylux. && I love Hux but jokes about him slippin and sliding around are my favorite. BUT HOLY SHIT THAT ENDING. I WAS NEVER PREPARED FOR THAT ENDING XDDD OH MY GOD THE PLUMP AND CHUNKY INDEED.

  3. Ахаха, господи, что ж такой шедевр то! Про "Операция бумеранг чистоты" вынесло, как ту самую дверь х).

  4. оби ван и его и с к у с с т в о лучшее что есть во вселенной

  5. Гифка, где Кайло орет More, mooooore!!! Ну вы поняли, нифига не enough!!!

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