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Skull loves dad jokes. But does Skull love dads?

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SO MANY HOT GUYS – Dream Daddy Gameplay


  1. All I want to say is that craig is a horrible father…. Why on earth would he run with his child strapped to him? All that bouncing is going to make the poor child retarded

  2. wait skull family name is ames if it is it a cool name unlike my family name MESLI mmmm my be not that suck's but not as cool as your's😃😃😍😘

  3. Skull's character looks like he could be on that animated "reality" TV show on Cartoon Network (someone please know what I'm talking about xD)

  4. This is the cringiest game ever lol gg…wait is there going to be a rap of this now how the f**k is this going to work?!

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