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  1. I'm actually in favor of things like "Free The Nipple" for a variety of reasons, notwithstanding the fact it is going to take away that exploitative, manipulative tactic women use to get special treatment. Once the female nipple becomes as commonplace and "no big deal" as the male nipple, I'd like to see then how many traffic​ citations women "flirt" their way out of, and how many other special considerations they procure for themselves through sexualized conduct?

  2. Going strictly on the title, at first, thought, I'm like "What? Sue women over PMS symptoms? That's insane!", but then I think of that episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond", where Debra (Patricia Heaton) is having her "time" and she becomes even more of a verbally abusive and tyrant towards Raymond (Ray Barone) than she usually is, and then I think, "Um, yeah… maybe if the symptoms cause women to be unreasonably abusive and/or even violent, maybe some court action to protect men may not be a bad idea…"
    There really should be some kind of legal recourse/defense for men who have been forced to quietly tolerate it, and say "Enough is enough – men are not doormats & punching bags (stop OBJECTIFYING us as your personal stress management & gym equipment!)".
    Women are (as they should be) able to have the law intervene when they are being abused by men (be it physical or psychological/verbal), so why not men? And if it so happens that the abuse "only" occurs when the woman is having her cycle, well, that should NOT be an excuse, or a blank check for women to deliver verbal (or even physical) abuse.

  3. Oh wow, I'm a dummy, it's not on YouTube, ha ha. DOH! I'm heading over to the New Right Network to bookmark it this time.

  4. im at a crossroad as regards to dating. im a black 27 year old conservative man and its very hard to find a good conservative woman to date. DeAnna Lorraine you are a unicorn… very rare.

  5. We should sue our access to get all the money we invested we should sue her for wasting our time pain and suffering Etc

  6. First time listener here, appreciating your good conservative insights and show. The story, i.e., about your twitter comment-defender being stalked and persecuted by a .FemNazi. is an important example that all freedom loving patriots should be aware of!

  7. 100% agree! Very sensible! I wish you great success! From me, like and subscription! πŸ™‚

  8. This went so far the left (feminists) needs to end it killing our human races off and I'm so so sick of this crap from feminists and I hope God help us out with feminists aka devil's worshipers. I love your video and I hope those days come that men and women love each others again. I still have hope and I hopes your brother get better soon and huggs DeAnna

  9. I haven’t dated in over 5 years. No plans to date anytime soon. Women are toxic and not worth the time and effort.

  10. I was sitting drinking coffee in Starbucks in New York. A woman came over to me and yelled at me. She yelled ANIMALS DON'T BELONG IN THE CITY ! I never knew what she meant but it was comical.

  11. Very sorry about your brother I’ve known many people addicted to those and had a friend recently whose wife was but she was also addicted to depression and pain killers just a complete mess! Will definitely include you and your family in my prayers!

  12. You're really brave with what you're doing today and I'm thankful I found and read your book. I felt like it was impossible to elect Trump, now I feel like it's impossible to change the media. We can't lose hope now because I think we're on the edge of something even greater then the 2016 election.

  13. Every day, the actions of other women cause DeAnna to have a deeper understanding of why so many men have walked away and gone MGTOW.

  14. Let a boy have an erection in public and these same women would be calling him a pervert or rapist. Technically, breast are sex organs because they are determined by and exclusive to a particular sex.

  15. I'm not entering into a relationship with a woman while there are feminists alive, my genetics are being cut off from the future, tired of this liberal bs.

  16. Those Tweets are pathetic. It's sad because they're either unemployed or they're about to get fired. This happened at my job! A former coworker had a melt down over Trump in 2016! I had to keep my politics secret for a year! He's engagement fell apart, he became homeless and was living in his car! He was eventually fired for harassment. His online hate eventually showed up in real life! It was scary! I thought he was going to shoot up the place! These people are mental! I wouldn't even engage them. It's so obvious their life is falling apart at the moment.

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