Australian Journalist and Social Commentator Susie O’Brien has suggested Elsa should be Gay in the next Frozen movie to celebrate diversity and social inclusion. Going too far for kids to be exposed to?


  1. Why do people think that? She was never intended to even have a love interest. I do love having the princesses having a male love interest, but Elsa's not a princess, and Anna has Kristoff, and Elsa is a single queen.

  2. I support gay community but Are you guys serious is a kids movie! Let them enjoy their childhood watching a normal movie. and when they get older and they can make their own decision of being gay or straight we will support them and loved them too, but this needs to stop!!

  3. NO. Create another character within the framework within the storyline but do NOT mess with success.

  4. heck yes! break boundries. its part of society, dont make a huge deal but stitch it in the story, BE INCLUSIVE, LOVE YOURSELF. SHE COULD BE THE NEXT DOROTHY

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