Would you get naked for a class?

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Samantha Schacher, Brett Erlich hosts of Pop Trigger break it down with musician Pip.

“According to KGTV, ABC10 in San Diego, the course is Visual Arts 104A: Performing the Self, which has been taught for 11 years by Associate Professor Ricardo Dominguez.

According to the story, Dominguez explained that students strip down — along with himself — for a “performance of self” in a dark room with a lit candle. It quotes him as saying:

“At the very end of the class, we’ve done several gestures, they have to nude gesture. The prompt is to speak about or do a gesture or create an installation that says, ‘what is more you than you are.’”

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  1. I would not because I would be hard as a rock. There is something about being exposed to the air and letting the boys hang free that does that to me.

  2. Here is the thing the students know what the final exam if they had a problem they could drop the class. The fact that the mother complained means the students were okay with it.

  3. Though in a way I think it is sad that being naked is such a big deal for so many people, something like this should never be forced upon anyone. People in general, in my opinion, should aim to be less prude, sure, but I do not think this is the way. If you're going to force people into this, at least make it clear before they start the class, at least then they knew about it.

  4. I had to do a presentation about myself and I could not imagine having to do anything naked in front of a class this is ridiculous this guy should lose his job and not be able to teach again

  5. Eh, as long as it was clearly discussed at the very beginning of the class… Well.. If you stayed.. Well.. Then it's your own damn fault if you don't want to do it.

    Welcome to the world outside of Mommy and Daddy's house.

  6. I had a college professor who took that class. They remembered the class being a very supporting and friendly environment and most of the 'erotic' motions were like posing or tracing collarbones, hips and so on. My professor explained that everyone in the class was informed of the final on the first day. I feel like the mother just overacted and was pissed even though it isn't a big deal.

  7. Guess what professor nobody cares if you say they will fail the class cuz they can sue you anyways and still pass so have fun being poor

  8. We were in teams and writing books for our class, and one of the guys my and my BFF were paired with says, "Lets do a romantic comedy." "Yeah" My friend and the other guy said. I had no choice, so I said, "Who is it based off of?" "You and Aaron." Faith and John say. I saw what was happening. My and him are enemies, I hate him he hates me, "No." I immediately replied, "Yup."They all answered. We wrote the stupid story an he asked me out. They shoved us together and made us kiss while we were presenting. Wow, writing that makes it sound worse. I can't believe my best friend did that to me.

  9. This is crazy. I'm sure the mom they quote was not the only person who objected. they just quote her. But seriously. I would refuse and protest and file charges against that teacher. Erotic art doesn't mean being forced to display your own body to a huge class and a teacher for a GRADE. I mean what if you got a D on the final? That teacher would be grading your body. That's disgusting. And sexual harassment.

  10. I attended an acting workshop where at one point everyone was made to masturbate on stage in front of everyone. You didn't have to take your clothes off though it was encouraged. Luckily time ran out before it was my turn.

  11. When I was in college and took a "Love" class, the first section entitled "Erotic Love" dealt with primordial ooze and the Red Queen Hypothesis within group specialization, and the most porn related imagery came from a short flick comparing bonobos with chimps, the latter whose groups had a long history of trauma survival. Geesh, from what it sounds like the criteria for this class was, a person could have dressed just about any which way they wanted as long as they had an explanation for it. Too many people have forgotten that sex has always been about creating and maintaining healthy families throughout changing environments. Think outside the porn box, people! (P.S.: I miss Leo Buscaglia.)

  12. To anyone watching this today, check out this link http://www.kpbs.org/news/2015/may/18/ucsd-professor-talks-about-class-nudity-requiremen/ gives a real insight into the story, its a shame how misinformation is misspread, I actually researched about the story cause as an ART STUDENT myself i found it really weird that a teacher would force anyone to go nude in order to pass a class. In my experience we do have "nude" projects but the nude part is completely optional, and as an art student you do see the human body in another perspective, taking into accout most art classes have models posing NUDE at regular basis.
    Still, a shame sites liek this would spread misinformation and rant on something withouth prior investigation only for the views.
    (Sorry for any bad grammar, english its not my native language)

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