SHIP OF FOOLS is set on a German ocean liner, during the Nazi regime of the 1930’s. In the high class section are several well-to-do people, while below deck are a horde of sugar field workers returning to Spain after a season of work in Cuba. The ship is a hot bed of disillusionment, prejudice and delusions of grandeur. © 1965, renewed 1993 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Dunn and Marvin discussing
    Used it in an argument about the curve ball
    which is now called a slider,
    and what used to be more of a sinker is now called a curve ball.
    I'm not big into baseball, so maybe I don't have that exact.
    But Marvin's character in this flick complains
    that he could have been great if could just have hit that
    curveball that breaks "down and away".
    He ends up calling Dunn's character
    "a sawed off intellectual".
    Classic Marvin.

  2. Great show in it's day.  The Premier Showing was at the theater at Canon and Wilshire in Beverly Hills.  The Premier Party was at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.  The ship that was used in the show was in the swimming pool of the hotel.  Back then, the pool was in the area of the new addition to the hotel.  They had red carpet running all the way from the theater to the hotel, with runners moving th carpet as they were past.  Quite a night.  I was security at the hotel during that time.

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