1. Alexis Dziena acted very very well in this movie.  Sometimes a teenage girl doesn't realize how lucky she is to have the parents she has.  Sometimes, it's just the mom who watches over her daughter and not the dad.  This time it's both.  There is nothing wrong with a girl like Hannah having friends like that.  As long as she is raised well enough to be smart about her choices and to know when to cut people lose or cut guys loose who influence her the wrong way, then she is on the right track.

  2. If that was my daughter's I would have done kill them long time I send u school and put a roof ova your head and out there having sex

  3. Mom:Whatever happened to the father who swore he'd be waiting with a shotgun for the first boy who is waiting for his precious Hanna.!Dad:Want some ice cream?
    Omg I'm dying 😂😂😂

  4. What's sad is sometimes people learn stuff the hard way. I went in a similar situation because I was talking to this one guy and we sent each other nudes and he grabbed my butt once. I really regret it but I have learned to stick up for myself and to not take myself for granted, especially by doing sexual activities. I was lucky because I started to listen to my family and friends, but I hope other people can do the same so this won't happen to them too. You feel guilty after it and you should wait to do sexual activities to someone you love and have been with for years.

  5. I'm glad I watched this movie my eyes are opened now I don't blame the girls for feeling the way they do we're teens we will want the attention and stuffs but we must be wise not to follow the crowd because we'll be lead astray so its best to follow our lil selves best to be the odd one out nth is wrong with that

  6. I really like the movie because Hannah's friend rescued her from that boy and the exciting fact is that her friend has a crush on her since he was 10 so cute❤

  7. 43:54 Why would they do this! He's just a little kid! Ok! Forget my previous comment, this isn't that bad. The girls got problems if she's gonna sexualize herself in front of a little boy! Ughhh!

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