Dan’s Defense Tips

Models: Nick Masc, Dan Yates, Devin Walker, Sky Knox

Producer/Cinematographer: Erica Dorsey

Editor: Ishmael Montiel

Description: See Trophy Boy Dan Yates teach the other boys his favorite singlet defense tips.

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  1. Why most "gay"videos are SO CAMP!! Gays are NORMAL men. Theree are camp/theatrical DIVA women, "MACHOTE" men but I hadly ever see them portraying ALL women or ALL men. ALL "advisory" videos labelled "gay" are just CAM,P & OVER THEATRICALLY EFFEMINATE

  2. Just FYI everybody. They post fully uncensored vids on their own website. Yeah the increasing censorship on popular social media is annoying, but you can still do almost anything you want with your own domain. Pretend it's 2004 again and type in a URL to go see videos. If you want hot bulges there's plenty out there, get outta Youtube!

  3. Fyi with the headlock u want to reach up between his legs and grab his nuts. He should let go if he's smart. Lol. Great vid and u really don't need the emojis. Lol

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