2 Gay Men Ask Samantha To Be Their “First”.


  1. I knew that was gonna be a bust when they said “ we want to try it with a woman..”. And it goes for “straight” guys trying to phuck a gay guy. It’s just not gonna work. It has to happen organically without these stupid speeches.

  2. "You know, for a sex columnist, you have a very limited view of sexuality" – Samantha Jones, summing up this entire show. Carrie is way too prudish for her line of work – Charlotte is legit kinkier and more open-minded than she is!

  3. Somehow, if you can imagine it, Sarah Jessica Parker's voice sounds good and you would assume she looks good. But damn.. I still wouldn't touch her with a 10-foot stick.

  4. "You know for a sex columnist you have a very limited view of sexuality" what a READ. Carrie's the worst, I don't get why she's the character everyone wants to be.

  5. please, these 2 queers were so ugly anyway and so faggy, sam was better off, plus the real men shes been with are way hotter than these 2 prissy queens… hahahahah…. good lord…

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