In the first season of Hot Ones, host Sean Evans proved that there’s no wing he can’t handle. But the world of spicy foods doesn’t end at Mad Dog 357 hot sauce. To train for Season 2 and ensure his invisibility on the Hot Ones stage, Sean met up with a true legend of the chili world—Denmark’s ghost-pepper-popping Chili Klaus—to take on the hottest chili pepper known to man, the Carolina Reaper. Special thanks to “Smokin’ Ed” Currie of PuckerButt Pepper Company in South Carolina for providing the heat.

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  1. Having tried a small amount of Carolina Reaper, I've got to give these guys credit for such a calm level headed reaction.

  2. I love how they hug each other at the end. They look into each others eyes, and it's like they both know in that instant they need human affection. Amazing.

  3. chili Klaus bit off more than he could chew. reapers are no joke and I cant even imagine what some of these youtubers go through when they eat that mad dog 357.

  4. I've only gone as far as the Ghost pepper. Don't know if i wanna try the Scorpion, let alone that Reaper !!

  5. Thank God there are guys like you two. that way I don't have to eat one of those. Hats off to you both. Spontaneous Human Combustion!

  6. 9:05 : the last time in the video that they still try and have some form of formal conversation for the camera before the chilli wrecks them both 😂😂😂😂😂.
    "Yeah, you like it?"……"yeah,great pepper"

  7. When I originally heard that Scandinavian cousins line, I figured he said something along the lines of "more than my Scandinavian blood can handle" and it just got all garbled up from the peppers driving him insane.

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