1. what a talented group, I just love choral music, you not only sing great but also feel what you are singing wish I could take part in a choir like yours…not only for all the cute men hehehe keep the good work helping people to feel the joy of music !!!! greetings from mexican lands

  2. Outstanding! How about we stop with the whole hate thing. They are people providing great entertainment. Whats not to like. If it offends you so bad then turn it off. And some of them are quite handsome!

  3. @jsjdizzle56 I notice that the only comments on videos you make are very hateful statements about gay people. Life is not meant to be lived with that level of hate in your heart. It really will diminish your ability to enjoy a happy life as well as making you a highly unpleasant person to be around. Perhaps you should consider getting professional help. If it is an issue about you questioning your sexuality, there are people you can talk to and who will understand. I wish you Peace and Joy.

  4. I think these guys are amazing … they make me smile, they make me tap my toes and they certainly make me remember why you should be proud to be gay.

    I think I've fallen in love with the Lollipop Guild. I wonder if they are taking applications for potential groupies?

  5. Once again… It's about the music. "jsjdizzle56," no time for you. If you don't approve, then why are you here? Ponder that… Ignorance is why we are going the way you describe. And you are a prime example. That being said, I love this and I can't wait to get there to see the next concert. Talent.

  6. Why is there a separate group for "gay" men…could there be a "Strait mens" chorus be a "blond hair men's" chorus? or a "Bearded men's chorus? why not just have a men's chorus?

  7. fab-tas-tic stuff, the GMC are so amazin, remember people be PROUD of who and what you are, for some strange reason there is a lot very ignorant little fucks leavin stupid messages on a lot of gay utube vides, but hay we heard it all before a zillion times and it shows these immature little fucks for what they are, they may think they are funny, but truth is they are sad little fucks, spotty-fat-greasy unloved and unliked-friendless and all alone in their sad little beds

  8. Tenochitlam, I found your comment to come from a disturbing and repulsive place of ignorance, fear and/or hatred, and I don't think I am alone in saying that I am concerned towards those who choose to use such words of destruction. I hope that you can someday overcome these thoughts and better understand what it means to be gay towards celebrating everyone – life is too short, and if you let this opportunity pass, you may regret it.

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