1. Badass go American Samoa Western Samoa Tonga 🐒mother land to r father's dam we bad ass……..😎Jesus Christ love us love him back.luv ya

  2. uso on the right , sit your swoll ass down lmao! to much gym no practice..jk… malo lava usos!!!!!!! cheeeeeeeeeeeehooooooooo

  3. the guy right in front of the camera messed up the whole dance, he has to be sacrifice to the volcano God. lol

  4. the guy on the far right was so absolutely gorgeous, hunky, manly and all that good stuff, who cares if he got the steps right. such beautiful men these island guys. wish i had known years ago i would've moved there!!

  5. I just have one question. Those guys go to gym workout to get those muscle or Samoans are just naturally more muscular???

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