Is there any mask Ryan Reynolds can’t pull off?

Promoting Deadpool 2 overseas, Reynolds recently made a surprise appearance on the South Korean reality TV competition King of Mask Singer, which is like The Voice with disguises instead of spinning chairs.

King of Mask Singer

The 41-year-old actor obscured his handsome face to perform “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie—sure, why not?—and bet your bottom dollar that he slayed it.

Needless to say, the crowd went absolutely batshit when Reynolds removed his Nina Bo’Nina Brown lewk to reveal his true identity. In fact, because American culture can always be boiled down to superheroes and villains, someone in the audience excitably yelled, “Donald Trump!”

King of Mask Singer

Joking that he was wearing an adult diaper due to nerves, Reynolds said he hadn’t even told his wife, Blake Lively, that he was appearing on the show.

Maybe if Deadpool swapped his signature two-toned mask for a colorful unicorn head, the arguably pansexual mercenary mutant could finally land the boyfriend that Reynolds has said he wants for the Marvel character.

At the very least, that rainbow-trimmed cape would certainly complement Deadpool’s twin katanas, Bea and Arthur.

Check out Reynolds’ King of Mask Singer performance and big reveal below.

Deadpool 2 is in U.S. theaters May 18.

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