Phil Black reports on the Russian vigilantes who ambush gay men, humiliate them and post videos online. More from CNN at

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  1. Dear Lord the ammount of people spreading hate like this is just terrible. God is love, christians of all should know that. We are taught to judge in a loving matter. I am quite sure that telling people to suffer, die or anything else horrible is not that. Words can kill just as well as actions. By spreading such hate all you are doing is putting general, loving christians in a bad light. Such words are literally sinfull. Meaning even if being gay does turn out to be a sin, hey, guess where you are going? Grow up, stop fearing things you aren't, grow a thicker skin and a heart so you can show simple human compassion or at the very least tolerance. I also ask that you refrain yourself from saying anything if it's not positive, since in that case your opinion will not be valued and most definitelly shall be ignored. Noone deserves to be treated this way, and we are all just as human as anyone else. A persons sexuality is a complex thing since it is made up of many different parts of said person. If you don't agree with someone then a simple and polite 'I don't agree' will sufice. No need to send hate towards them. Keep fighting and sharing Gods true love!

  2. hilarious nonsense. what are we doing in the west. wtf. because of putin and russia? always pointing our finger to russia. but this isn't. maybe it's time to let the facts speak for themselve. this is hilarious nonsense.

  3. Don’t hate on all the Russians, there are nice people in Russia, it’s just that large sum of people who would do something like this, and it’s completely wrong. It shouldn’t matter what Race or gender you are, if you love the same sex, then you shouldn’t be afraid to love them.

  4. I think that everyone who's is homophobic, needs to take a step back and think about the feelings and emotions of that person getting beaten, and to also alter there ways because we are all humans and in the context of being a human we are all unique
    So please if you oppose them keep your opinions to yourself and carry on living

  5. Guys, please calm down! When god created earth, he wanted a girl and a woman to be together. Not girls with girls or guys with guys! Jesus would have loved gay people, but! God wanted a girl and a woman together.

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