Gay Twitter™ felt some type of way Monday when RuPaul attended the annual Met Gala—gasp!—out of drag.

Camp was the theme for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2019 Costume Institute Benefit, after all, so many fans assumed the Drag Race host would serve campfire fish. Was this a missed opportunity to show the children how camp is really done?

Ru broke down his Met Gala fashion statement this week as a guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

“That is pure camp, baby,” Ru raved when shown a pink-carpet photo of his feathered fantasy. “It’s sequins, it’s zebra… Zaldy, who’s done my outfits for the past 25 years, did this outfit.”

“I didn’t want to go in drag because I thought it was going to be a sea of drag queens,” he explained. “I really did.”

“I thought all the guys were going to be dressed up like Divine,” he added. “But not one person was dressed up as Divine. People don’t really understand camp. It’s abstract to most people.”

Colbert then brought up the notion of drag as a political statement. “What we do in drag is more important today than ever before,” Ru replied. “The job of the drag queen, the shaman, the court jester, is to help people understand that life is not to be taken seriously.”

Ru also commented on presidential candidate Kirsten Gillbrand recently popping backstage at a drag club while campaigning in Iowa: “Gay people pay taxes, drag queens pay taxes. I want a politician who’s gonna come to my drag club if I’m paying their salary.”

Check out the Late Show clip below.

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