1. once I heard of this movie I thought it was a lie but watching the trailer made me cry. this is the first time I've seen someone like me represented correctly in a movie.

  2. Well it is a film about being transgender and lets face it there is next to no coverage of that topic in cinemas so naturally it would seem "weird".
    I mean the prostetics look very real, extremely real 😀

  3. “Adolescence is a time of exploration and experimentation; as such sexual activity does not necessarily reflect either present or future sexual orientation. Confusion about sexual identity is not uncommon in adolescents. Many youth engage in same-sex behavior; attractions or behaviors do not mean that an adolescent is lesbian or gay. Moreover sexual activity is a behavior, whereas sexual orientation is a component of identity.

  4. I think most people hate being rejected, but you should not let that deter you from going out and meeting people. I know there are plenty of people who could care less about what gender you were born. As long as you're a good, caring, compassionate man then you shouldn't have any problems finding people to date. Keep you're head up… 🙂

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