Here comes the gay kiss scenes from different gay movies.
If you can’t wait to know the movies where the scenes comes from here’s the list.

1. Get Real
2. Gone, But Not Forgotten
3. Hawaii
4. Holding Trevor
5. Monster Pies
6. Mulligans
7. Red Dirt
8. Redwoods
9. Saltwater
10. Silent Youth

The movie lists is not in order nor in rank. It is just a compilation of scenes. If I get free time, I will be adding another set of romantic gay kisses from another movies not listed above.

Song title: Light by Analogue Revolution. I do not own the right of the song :)))



  1. A surprising-to-me number of favorites from my limited number of gay films seen.  On a tight budget, I have only YouTube, Hulu and Logo as sources.  MY absolute favorite kissing scene is that one from Redwoods.  Despite some faults the film is my favorite. Please see the You Tube short, "Redwoods After party part 1" (10 minutes) for the praise, which seems 100% valid, by Matthew Montgomery for writer and director David Lewis in rehearsing and directing him and Brendan Bradley.  The praise seems exactly valid, rare for a promo video.  Three emptionally moving nonkissing scenes between those actors also deserve unqualified praise: "chopsticks", "hand-to-face", and "parents'-dining-room".. And praise to unobtrusive director of photography Joe E. Rivera.   Another: Hawaii, which is slow from time to time, but its kissing scene was worth many minutes of the wait.    .

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