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  1. I love these interviews with the old wrestlers but what's with the fascination with wrestler's penis size? It cheapens the whole thing. Same thing with the demeaning "ho bag" thing and the tales of the wrestlers sexual antics.

  2. I'll never forget the first big match RVD and Jeff had during WWE PPV, ladder match with belt hung above ring.
    The belt was laced around a large ring strong enough for the wrestlers to hang from. Jeff missed a hung spot during that match.

  3. I’m a former wrestler in the Bush Leagues. RVD is definitely one of my all time faves. Right up there with Flair, Scott Steiner, Sting, Regal. He’s in the top 5. No specific order. Love Stan Hansen too. If I could be any wrestler, it would be RVD. The moves, athleticism, the look. He has it all. Cool guy too. ZEN 4 LIFE.

  4. RVD seem like a chill dude. I feel more connected to him from his interview. I was really into wrestling and by the time he came out I wasn't watching hardcore like in past. He was a great wrestler from what I did see. When I was a kid yokazuna did his move off 2cd rope and sat on hulk. Hulk got injured badly and went to hospital and was out hurt for sometime. They had an address hulkamainaics could write him. I got a picture of hulk postcardish like, with signature ( not real signature, already on photo print). It was cool. Like getting a letter back from Santa at that time.

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