This show was an EPIC experience. First, I didn’t feel too confident coming in. I felt like my conditioning was off and so I decided to settle and accept not doing well and re-shift my focus to my friend Evan and rooting for him and helping him place well. Well to my surprise, this “calm care free” attitude led to what I believe was my Best EVER peak for a contest. I stuck to my game plan and carbed up while doing some light exercise. When I shaved down the next morning I knew I had it. From there, it was a matter of just showing up. So essentially, I maxed out my glycogen stores for this show WITHOUT spilling over. I didn’t plan for this to happen. It just happened. I guess when you do something enough times, a peak is bound to occur/arrive. I also enjoyed the company of my friend Kristina who we met at a 2010 triathlon. She moved out to Daytona and it was awesome staying at her place for this show. She actually competed in the show herself before. We went out and ate at some nice places and had a good time. The judges told me I could have placed 1st had I posed better. Being so pumped and excited about my peak condition, I kind of over-did it in the posing and it came out looking not too natural or fluid. I ended up placing 3rd in the pro division. It was definitely one of my best physique placings.