The folks over at The Lincoln Project aren’t budging after getting hit with a cease and desist letter from Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump for a set of Times Square billboards criticizing the Trump Administration’s COVID response. In fact, they’re doubling down.

“Please peddle your scare tactics elsewhere,” the response letter reads “The Lincoln Project will not be intimidated by such empty bluster.”

The letter continues: “Your clients are no longer mere Upper East Side socialites, able to sue at the slightest offense to their personal sensitivities. Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump are public officials. They have been public officials since President Trump, in a gross act of nepotism, awarded Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump senior White House positions in 2017. The placement of Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump in these high-level White House offices has been disastrous for Americans everywhere, but is now also devastating to the prospects of your would-be lawsuit.”

The letter, which is well worth a read in its entirety, ends with a bang, saying that “if Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump are genuinely concerned about salvaging their reputations, they would do well to stop suppressing truthful criticism and instead turn their attention to the COVID-19 crisis that is still unfolding under their inept watch. These billboards are not causing Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump’s standing with the public to plummet. Their incompetence is.”

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