In 1996, Doug Langway, Writer/Director of the Bear City Trilogy turns the action genre on its heels with his first feature film and independent smash hit. “This crowd-pleasing, genre-bending, gunslinging gay love story will blow you away!” –Time Out New York

Josh and Paul are a happy, successful gay couple just three days away from the most important event of their lives – adopting a son. Everything goes smoothly until Josh is witness to a brutal mafia murder and quickly becomes the next target on the mob’s hit list, hurling both men into a world of deadly deceit, double-crosses and vicious violence.

Raw, low-budget, and featuring stylized gunplay in the John Woo vein, Raising Heroes turns all action movie cliches upside-down, and in the true independent spirit, both reinvents and reveres its Hollywood inspiration.

BearCity is a trilogy of romantic comedies set in NYC’s Bear world of big, hairy, gay men! • “Warm, funny, thoughtful… a hirsute Sex and the City.”–The New York Times • 9 TIME JURY & AUDIENCE AWARD **WINNER** for Best Picture, Best Screenplay & Best Actor. • – RENT OR OWN THE BEAR CITY TRILOGY NOW on DVD, Blu-ray, Amazon, Vimeo & iTunes.

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  1. It's a shame that it typifies Social Services at its most damning and judgemental. It's misinformation to entrap. No apologies.
    The film portrays that part of not only gay life but hetero men too when it comes to custody of own children.

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