Reposted from QOTW’s Channel to My Own – mostly for Historical and Nostalgic purposes. (notice the date stamp in the footnote at the Beginning and the Ending) Please note that My Thoughts, Ideas and Opinions may have changed or evolved over time and this video may not be an accurate portrayal of my present day feelings or views.

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  1. oh my god i loved mysterious skin it was awesome. you should watch jet boy. it is a Canadian film about a boy prostitute but wants a father figure and fids it in a stranger that he tags along with to find is father. with brandon nadon and dylan walsh

  2. I remember when I was a little gay boy… of 13… I use to google sooo many gay movies. At first I kind of just wanted to look for the porn in them but then got stuck in the drama and watched allll of these foreign films. This comment is defeating the purpose of leaving a comment… because I can't remember any of their names! They helped me a lot though and I would recommend to any questioning kid to look up as many gay movies as they can! Cause it helped so much.

  3. My favorites are The Ritz, The Boys in the Band, Partners, and Cruising. Cruising was controversial. And don`t forget Priscella queen of the Desert.

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