City health officials target young males in effort to raise awareness and lower teen pregnancy.

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  1. Like si lo estás viendo en 2020 y si tú quieres una panza, y si alguien tiene el número de alguien que me pueda dar un consejo para tener un panza, me lo manda gracias por poner atención, es que enserio quiero una panza 😉😉

  2. I don't think anyone actually listened to the video. What they are trying to advertise is that, men should be responsible for their children just as much as mothers are responsible for their children. So if they have sex, have safe sex or don't have it at all because a baby is a large responsibility.

    Unfortunately, most people are too stupid to understand the message.

  3. why are people saying this is gay or others saying this is clearly photoshopped? Like how is this gay? And of course it's photoshopped but the point they're trying to make is that if a guy gets a girl pregnant then it's his problem to even though he isn't the pregnant one

  4. There are boys pregnant because their probobly transgender which means there girls that act like boys because they belive they were born in the wrong body. So there actually girls. Or its fake xD but it's IMPOSSIBLE for a "real" boy to give birth because their body's aren't qualified to store the baby in the body until it's born.

  5. Of course they're gay, they wouldn't do the posing for these fake ads if they weren't, it'd ruin their life if they weren't gay .. So these comments about it being gay, um .. duh.. 

  6. Guys this is possible when they were born they were meant to be a girl there boys there trans gender it's true and for the retards that don't no what trans gender is it's when a boy or girl have a penis and a vagina

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