Transgender actor Indya Moore, who stars as Angel in the groundbreaking Golden Globe-nominated series Pose, is officially tired of seeing trans characters whose stories revolve around their gender identity.

In Teen Vogue’s new “Young Hollywood” issue, which also spotlights up-and-comers like Dumplin’ star Danielle Macdonald and gay comedian Jaboukie Young-White, Moore shares her hopes for Hollywood’s trans-inclusive future.

“I definitely would like to see more of my talent being utilized outside of it being about my gender and the pain that comes with being ostracized by society,” Moore says. “I think that’s the only use that people see trans people for right now. The only time people are finding a use for our performance or our ability to act is to demonstrate pain, the pain of [being ostracized], the pain of our gender being dissected.”

“We just get to see cis people reflect and utilize their ability to perform in ways that get to represent doctors,” she continues. “They get to represent different occupations, cashiers, just different heroes. We get to imagine cis people outside of even everyday functions, but trans people only seem to be seen through our gender and what people dislike or like or fetishize about that. I’m waiting for us to move past that point.”

“I want cis people to see themselves in me, I want them to see myself in me in ways that I’ve been forced to see myself in cis people for so long. I think that’ll be really, really important in drawing similarities in ways that’ll help deconstruct bias. I want to demonstrate anger. I want to demonstrate passion. I want to demonstrate defense and not always being a victim, because trans people are constantly, constantly victimized in our narratives all the time, but we never get to see ourselves as heroes. We never get to see ourselves as protectors. We never get to see ourselves as fighting back. We always see ourselves being oppressed. That’s not my reality.”

Asked what her superpower would be, Moore chooses “super strength,” adding, “I want to also deconstruct the expectation of me being always very feminine. I want to demonstrate strength in the ways that men see themselves all the time, but with my body. I think that would be cool. I want to play She Hulk.”

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So honored to be one of the first 7 covers ushered in by the mother: @lpeopleswagner, to start the new year. Still processing the breaking ground around my inclusion to the cover of @teenvogue. Incredibly honored. This is what happens when you give us a chance. We turn chance to absolute. We create reality out of the space we are given to exist in your imaginations. We give permission to ourselves to manifest our dreams. As the doors fall down, i’m looking forward to the normalization of gender variant & trans people in every space, brand & magazine we see people. I am so honored to be an example of trans people in the lowest places to demonstrate why we deserve to be in the highest places. I am so fortunate and so lucky to see myself on the cover of teen Vogue. A dream come true, and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with the intersections of my marginalized and under represented black & Queer communities. This is what happens when we get a chance. thank you Jeremy for sending me to cast background in @thegetdownnetflix where I met my God Father @jose.xtravaganza who sent me to audition for @saturdaychurchmovie, (thank you @damoncardasis for creating that incredible film, by whichcyou helped make #posefx possible and casting me as Dijon) where I met @lukaraykain the star, and his mother @lisaraycalli, who I am so thanful to for sending me to audition for @poseonfx, where i met @alexaleaf, who sent me to audition for the production and creators team @fxnetworks, @mrrpmurphy, @svcanals, @bradfalchuk, @crashbpm, @tkubrak ,@ninajacobson.. and @janetmock.. the woman behind #Angel the little girl surviving on her own bravery, love and family… I am forever grateful and I am looking forward to creating and sharing avenues to continue to push my black, Queer, trans and gender variant siblings, both able bodied and disabled, forward. Link in bio for more on the ground breaking might and power of @PoseOnFX. The most powerful Television show ever created. #Daughter @louisvuitton Styled by @solangefranklin I love you @joshrotten. Thank you @imgmodels #blackhistorymonth

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Moore, who will produce and star in the upcoming sci-fi horror anthology series Magic Hour, was recently tapped to appear in a Louis Vuitton campaign.

Focusing on gay and trans performers in New York City’s 1980s ballroom scene, Pose has made history with the most trans series regulars ever in an American scripted TV series. Created by Ryan Murphy in collaboration with producers Brad Falchuk and Steven Canals, the show has also employed more than 100 trans actors, crew members, and consultants.

Pose has been renewed for a second season and will return later this year.

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