Hello /r/CelebrityManAss! Recently I was granted moderation of this sub via /r/RedditRequest and had it unbanned!

In doing so, I was required to add new moderators! Thanks to all that applied, and I have acquired three new moderators to join me!

Please welcome my fellow mod on /r/WrestleWithThePackage, /u/Bottom4Cesaro! He has been an amazing mod on that sub so it was an obvious choice to have him with me on the team here!

Also joining is /u/astroblueastro, the moderator of many big subs including /r/hotguyswithtattoos, /r/MensHighJinx, /r/FMN and many many more!

And finally, we have /u/SeanL3cath! After a passionate response in his application form, I knew he had to be a mod. A really active reddit user who is dedicated to keeping this sub alive, he will make a great addition to the moderator team!

Back from the dead, this sub is up and running again with a full mod team! Happy posting everybody, remember to follow the rules and share the hottest male celebrity asses!


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