Play the Game 2013. Anti-doping: Saving sport, sacrificing athletes?

Tuesday 29 October 2013, 11:30-13:00

Chair: Peter Forsberg (DEN)

Gerhard Treutlein, Professor, Heidelberg University of Education (GER).
Nils Zurawski, University of Hamburg (GER).
Daniel Westmattelmann and Marcel Goelden, Research Assistants, University of Münster (GER).
Herman Ram, Director, Anti-Doping Authority Netherlands (NED).
Leviathen Hendricks, Member, Federation of Gay Games, External Affairs and International Development Committees (USA/UK).
Lassi Jyrkkiö, PhD Student, Lawyer, University of Helsinki (FIN).

Panel discussion, Q&A

Recorded by Play the Game
Thumbnail photo by Thomas Søndergaard / Play the Game